Solids! Glass, Chrome and Slate

Solids! Glass, Chrome and Slate

Watercolor sketch in my sketchbook. The sun was muted, but shining in through the window on the salt shaker…

A Ruddy Ancestor

From an archival black & white photo…



The colorization was up to me, and I may haave gone just a little too-far-too-red with his complexion. But I’ll just say that this ancestor–whom my sibs and cousins say is definitely not my grandfather, although I think it might be–may have spent a lot of time farming under the blazing sun.

Aunt Bess and her Hairdo


How about those Victorians?! This is my painted, colorized version of “Aunt Bess,” from a box of old family photos. I may not have portrayed her facce with extreme accuracy, but I swear, her hair looked just like this–weird peak and all! 


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