Alla Prima New Eyes

…or make that: new glasses, a Fresh Look!



an alla prima water-mixable oil paint sketch, on an 8″ x 10″ canvas

I’m looking forward to having some more time for painting, so I can break out the “real” oil paints.


In Honor of the Lighted Tractor Parade…

YES! I live in a village that has just hosted a lighted tractor parade, and it was actually pretty awesome.


My tractor-driving man was not in the parade due to other farm and forest related commitments,

but he does pose for me to do a quick sketch of him now and then.

Persuasion, ahh



Pride and Prejudice gets all of the attention, but 

Persuasion’s storyline is OH so much more romantic.

And Rupert! My Man!

Owen, completed



I left Owen fairly loose and “sketchy,” in order to convey his lighthearted personality.

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